Life Happens

My sweet friends, life has a way of happening to each of us. Yesterday my husband lost his job. We have no idea where or what we will be going/doing as it is still to... Read more →

What is Fast Fuse?

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Be sure you watch the video to the end- Chris's program Extreme Weight Loss- the people use the Bod'e products during their year long weight loss. Chris drinks the products as you can see by... Read more →


HEAR WHAT THIS DOCTOR HAS TO SAY! He recommends it for CHRONIC PAIN and a whole list of other ailments YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT VERVE and what it does for you? Read more →


some awesome news from the founder and CEO of Vemma BK BOREYKO you can go to my website at Every Body Deserves Great Health Good health is your number-one asset! Vemma makes protecting your... Read more →

25% off 25 stamp sets

We're celebrating Stampin' Up!'s 25th anniversary all year long, but during the week of the actual date (October 25th to be exact) we thought we should pump up the party even more. So what better... Read more →