Copyright & Disclaimer I will be doing this 2 times a year at the advice of my business coach- "This is my personal blog, I am an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and I am responsible... Read more →

What Makes it Convenient????

What Makes it Convenient???? No more food waste, and less prep time in the kitchen! Woot! 6 years and I am still in love with this companies products. I use them all the time and... Read more →

That's right! Yesterday I made 15 Meals in a Jar of Taco Soup in just under 1 hour. That is 15, 4 serving meals. When we are tired and cold and hungry or have unexpected... Read more →

Life Happens

My sweet friends, life has a way of happening to each of us. Yesterday my husband lost his job. We have no idea where or what we will be going/doing as it is still to... Read more →

Hello Honey!

I have received emails asking about our Thrive Honey Crystals, so I decided to post this awesome Chef Todd Video that will answer those questions- visually! I use this honey all the time and love... Read more →

I am sorry for the lack of posts the last week, I have been doing parties: 2 Thrive, 1 Jamberry and an online Stampin Up Party. It's Party time obviously! PLUS, 2 Youngliving Essential Oil... Read more →

I am hosting a THRIVE Black Friday Party to view the sales starting early Friday morning, go to: (hubby is the consultant) I found out a couple hours ago one of our favorite sister... Read more →