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I am sorry for the lack of posts the last week, I have been doing parties: 2 Thrive, 1 Jamberry and an online Stampin Up Party. It's Party time obviously! PLUS, 2 Youngliving Essential Oil... Read more →

If I had $1.00 for each time I have been asked that question about my home canned bacon, well, I could make several trips out west to see my grandkids! I took the pint jar... Read more →

I am hosting a THRIVE Black Friday Party to view the sales starting early Friday morning, go to: (hubby is the consultant) I found out a couple hours ago one of our favorite sister... Read more →

Yes! You read right. Yesterday Kay and I made a dutch oven meal for 50 people at girls camp. Here are some photos and then some details we added 3 more ovens on another stack... Read more →

Goodness! I was going through past posts and realized I didn't post these photos! Kay and I have been canning more bacon- yep PRESSURE CANNING! With the rising cost of meats of all kinds, when... Read more →

Parmesan Cheese

Thrive Life is your premier source for Healthy, Convenient, and Cost efficient foods. Our freeze dried foods, food rotation systems (food storage shelves), and our revolutionary calculators for food storage and emergency kits, Thrive Life... Read more →