Growing Up or Just Growing Older?

Since its a new year I decided to share a photo taken at Thanksgiving of Kay and I  along with some family updates-   We aren't sure which we are doing, or is it both- growing up/older! lol   But we know we love our  life together and are truly blessed!  

Kay and I Thanksgiving 2023

Katie is expecting a baby boy in June!   She has had quite the trial with IVF to get to this point and we could not be more thrilled!

Here is a photo from the gender reveal- theme was Heifer or Bull

RevealHer 3 brothers decided to have fun with the balloons and so did her hubby far left, it was a wonderful family and friends day! Her brothers are really excited for another nephew!

This is our family photo from Christmas  2022

Christmas 2022for some reason my camera flipped it so originally I am  on the right side lol-  2 grandpups there too- sherman and dexter

I hope your holidays have been wonderful and filled with family and that the new year brings you good health and happiness.

I am trying to find health insurance, I lost mine when I changed jobs last March.

I am doing a lot of machine embroidery fun projects and quilting.  I started sewing at age 6 thanks to my older sister and haven't stopped yet.  I work for Janean's Bernina in Pasco WA and meet the most fun people as well as learn tons of tricks and new ideas!   I am in enabler heaven lololol!

I wont be posting daily but I will still post projects- stamping, quilting, gardening and more~

have a wonderful day everyone!




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