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Quilt Top

I'm sharing a photo of a quilt top I finished before coming down with the rona-   I am not sure I like the border I may narrow it before I get it quilted it seems a bit "busy". 

There is no specific pattern for it I just cut the layer cake in half to make 5x10" rectangles, mixed them up and sewed to make blocks. I used a coordinating color fabric for the sashing and since I had a whole nother layer cake to use  so I cut it into strips of various widths and made what is called a piano key border.   I ran out of the taupe for the sashing or I would have made that border a lot wider . The quilt top is a lot prettier in person!

and the good thing is this UFP  (unfinished project) is finished .   I am 'trying" to finish my UFPs because I cant even tell you how MANY I have.  


I, Like many quilters love starting new projects. Sometimes it takes years (sadly) to get them actually finished!  And now with this new sewing machine I am probably losing the battle on no new projects until a few of the older ones are done- hahahahahahahaahhaahahahahah laughing maniacally .

How are your projects coming along? What are you working on? Would love to hear from you~





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