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Covid Hits Us

So, if this is the way this year is going to be I want to skip it now! lol

Kay caught the rona from a highschooler who rode his charter bus  and hubby was notified after the kid tested positive after riding the bus

and now I have it.  joy of joys  lol

For me, its like a really bad sinus cold.  He has a horrible cough, I have a cough but not like his-AND the Dr that tested me gave me a cough syrup prescription!   Most of all we are just plain "tired". and the last couple days no smell or taste due to plugged nose/sinuses

But on the bright side of life-

My Friend Carmen Made me this adorable mask to wear-


I will be stylin when I get to go out in public again and at work!   

As an early birthday gift, Kay bought me a new to me Bernina sewing machine that does embroidery-  I need to take the classes so I  know what to do with all of its features but I can say what I have used it for it's wonderful!  I have been using the same Bernina since 1983 and I will never get rid of it but this new one has features I didn't even know exist lol.

I will use it for the crazy quilt blocks I am sewing (or will be sewing when I'm not exhausted all the time)  here is the first one I made before catching the rona

Crazy block 1st

It'sot perfect but fun anyhow! There is always a learning curve when getting a new machine. And, I know the rest of the blocks will look better after more practice. I have 2 other colors of thread to use on them so they aren't all going to be exactly the same.

I hope that you are doing well and that the rona doesn't visit you and if it does that your symptoms are light and you are over it quickly-  best advice?   lots of rest/sleep and LOTS OF WATER oh and dont forget TYLENOL for the headaches.   Get a bottle now or stock up a bottle for the future because I am sure that everyone of us will have it eventually.  I had the shots, so did hubby but my kids have not and they have had it too.  I think the shots made our symptoms lesser than not having it but we all know the shot is NOT a preventative in any way shape or form.

Now that I am laid up in a chair I may get a few more posts ready! and I am hoping that as I get to feeling better that I can get in my scrapbook room and sort out some sizzix dies I no longer use along with retired stamps and papers.  I plan to have a craft sale here in my front yard this spring to get rid of it all-

hugs to all. 




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