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Quilting Projects

Hi all!

I am finally making some time to post a few photos of quilt tops etc that I have been working on-

I confess that I haven't been stamping much. I, like many crafters, rotate between the crafts I love to do and this year has been sewing- quilting and fabric buying lol!  the quilts are mine and the others are models I made for where I work.  I have another quilt that I made and forgot to take a photo of!


This Halloween quilt is using a charm pack-  not so in love with it but it works as a lap quilt!
20211116_191624Gnome Gift bags for work   
Cute potholder for work-  thinking I may need one now lol


Snowball pattern using a Sgnomie layer cake20211116_191624


This one uses the FAB 5 book and template- Halloween fabrics some glow in the dark!  Its a Christmas present-  this was taken before it was machine quilted by my friend Beth-
These wool felt trees were so MUCH fun to make!!!!


I also have 3 sets of placemats but no photos of them at this time.   I haven't decorated for Christmas and frankly I just don't have time this year to do it. The fall decor is still partially sitting and waiting to be put back in tubs and taken to the storage unit lol-  This has never happened to me in my lifetime and we aren't hosting festivities this year, so we decided to put up just his Dept 56 village. When that is "finished"  we plan to leave it up through January.

This week my right knee- yep the surgery one is hurting like mad.  I went to the chiropractor yesterday and it helped some but my knee keeps "popping" and then shooting pain in my knee and leg.  lets just say I am not a happy girl this week.     

We are loving our neighborhood, the area and being closer to our kids and grandkids which I have been doing as much as I can with my 3 kids.   Kay sees some of his kids when he is in the Boise Area driving bus or they are out our way.   It would be so much more fun if neither of us had to work - lol

Hope all of you are doing well and are ready for the upcoming Holidays-

sending hugs



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