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Organizing Video

Organizing Video

While laid up, I found this wonderful video and knew that I needed to save it, share it and FOLLOW it!  Hope it helps you too-  my rooms will NEVER look like hers but if I can get my act together and  most importantly KEEP it together- well I did say If- lol  Enjoy


I find it's fairly EASY to GET organized but,  (not so good and throwing things away tho) 

My problem is STAYING organized and "finishing something before starting something else" (you know= .... the proverbial squirrel). Oh and buying things that are cute and setting them aside and NEVER getting to them-  I really have to stop doing that not only with stamping, scrapbooking items but with fabric and quilt patterns- sigh.  It's a life long struggle people!

Hope your week is going well and that you are healthy!    I am sooo ready to go without a mask-

variants- what about all the ones with the flu, a cold, cancers etc....................... 







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