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And the pain continues  -  I guess all the sports, rodeos, horses, cattle, pigs and ranch life up and down the tractor stairs, hay stacking, kid raising and spending 8 hours a day on a concrete floor at work have caught up to me  sighhhhhh

If you don't know I had knee surgery last May (2021) for a torn meniscus-  while that went well  my knee is still giving me problems- saw the Dr Today-  she feels now that the knee cap is "moving" and that is what is causing the SNAPPING in my knee thus the swelling in it and my leg and the pain plus the arthritis contribues-  So altho she didn't say so it's time to lose 40 lbs and strengthen my thighs with physical therapy after the first of the year.  Oh Yay- It's time!

I want you to know my knee problems are one of the reasons I haven't been doing stamping classes this year.  I do have a full time job as the Manager of a Quilt Dept in a family owned craft store business (NO not hobby lobby) so while I am there I am 8 hours or more on my feet, lots of fabric cutting and walking to help customers (you know me I LOVE customers and the friends I make!!) but, as I approach the age of 60 next spring I see so many changes in my body that I am not thrilled with! I am sure most of you are nodding by now!  I tell the young, listen to the elderly they are NOT lying about what happens!

So, by Dr's orders  I am home with right leg up, ice on knee, so lots of internet surfing coming-  trying to remind myself NO BUYING of quilting things- or Stampin Up orders  hahahahahahahahahaha

Anyhow I am sorry for the limited posts this year and planning to do at least one a week next year sharing projects, thoughts and Stampin Up stuff as well as quilting stuff,  oh and probably gardening stuff too (she says hopefully).

Wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS And a lovely new year (we could all use one... maskless)


Dont forget that the current Mini Catalog expires end of the month so if there is something you have been wanting its time to get it ordered before its no longer available!

With the ability to share a pdf of our catalogs and save on the horrendous postage costs, I am opting to only give catalogs to the people who come to my in home classes once a month and I am happy to share the pdf links here on my blog sidebar, and my FB page.

Would love to hear from you- what's new, how you are doing and what you are working on?????

OH! I made a quilt top in 1987 ,  yep and finally got it machine quilted by my friend Sara this last month!

So, there is hope for older UFO's  (unfinished objects lololol)

Seam ripper meme

And now, Meet my new best friend for life-

Brace 2021  dec

Merry Christmas!~




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