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Remembering My Mom Today

At 4am this morning it was the 6th anniversary of my Mom's death.

I have spent a lot of time since waking up thinking about her, remembering how horrible her alzheimers was and how if she had any idea of the things she did she would be mortified-  how much fun we had together and projects- we were always working on something.  She taught me to embroider at age 4.  I am sure now to keep me busy lol. We loved doing crafts together, she helped me with my 2 acre garden, she helped me paint each home when I moved, she supported so many of the things I did.  

My Mom had polio in her left arm at age 20 when my sister was small (1948)  she lost the use of that arm but...  My Mom could do more with a good arm and a bad arm than any other woman I know. So when I think I am having a horrible time I remind myself of her achievements and her strength and I say to myself- suck it up buttercup you hardly have any trials compared to your Mother!  

She is still and will always be my hero and best friend. I am truly blessed now with a daughter that does things with me and I call best friend.   I know she will be waiting on the other side of the veil for me one day along with Dad and it will be a great moment.   

10486524_10152573107011798_5979529515446911953_nin 1948 My Mom was Rodeo Queen
10486524_10152573107011798_5979529515446911953_nShe also rode with the Palomino Caballeros drill team
10486524_10152573107011798_5979529515446911953_nShe was 18 in this photo

another queen photo

This one is Mom on the left and Gramma on the right-
10486524_10152573107011798_5979529515446911953_nNothing was ever as important to her as her kids and grandkids-  both on My sisters side and mine

I get my love for babies from her too-  She always wanted to hold babies no matter who they belonged to-  so do I and so does my daughter.  Mom has left us a wonderful legacy to follow and altho we didnt always see eye to eye (you never corrected her she was always right lol)  I am truly blessed for all the things she sacrificed so I could do or have whatever it was at the time.

I love you Mom and I miss you everyday!


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