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Making Quilt Kits

We had a snow day from work yesterday and I spent most of the day making quilt kits!! I was so happy to watch the snow pile up outside while I was busy doing something I love!

A Quilt Kit, what do you mean?  No, not for sale, for our own sewing. I took a lot of the kid fabrics I have been stashing and cut them into pre cut kits so that when I or my hubby want to sew, we can grab one already cut and just sit and sew and have a quick top!

We are trying to figure out how we can "fit" an APQS Millie Long arm into our home (hahahahahahaaha) without getting rid of the dining table or the spare bedroom! Downsizing was a GREAT idea but...........................  another 200 sq ft would sure make a difference!   Ah for the details in life.20210213_213348

20210213_213348I dont know WHY typepad is turning my photos they dont allow me to edit them either!  GRRR

20210213_213401I have close to 30 cut. Have a few more to tackle this morning and then on to another project! Like actually sewing something I need to finish! lol

Hope your snow days are productive. We are getting more snow today  hooray! I could stay snowed in all week if they let me!

Tomorrow I "plan" to get in my paper room and "find" my table lol  it has an unfinished project on it under all the stuff that has been piled- thank goodness I can close the door on it when I need too! lol

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Stay warm, sew, craft and stamp my friends!  I am posting the cards from class last week in the next post so stay tuned!




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