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Quilty Fun

This is a great example of my husband and I while shopping

Quilt funny

It has become a running joke for us-  he likes to tease in public but he is quite the enabler!!!

Today I took him out for breakfast then we hit Costco for supplies. You know the throw it in the microwave stuff, a couple new rugs for the bathroom floor I let him choose and he chose GREY ones-  ugh- I am not a fan of the new gray movement at all but I let him choose. But little does he know I will choose what the rest of the bathroom looks like lol. We haven't yet tackled it since moving in.

I am  going to make a really cute valance out of a cheeky fabric for the window but need to get the old wallpaper border down and the walls painted first.  However,  hubs is waiting to hear when he goes in for ankle surgery and I have an MRI on my right knee tomorrow to see exactly what's the problem and what their solution will be. Sigh

He has a saying I like to use-   it's not the getting older thats horrible it's all those side effects!  I couldn't agree more!

Here is a photo of part of my sewing room these days-  


lots more on the Ikea peg board since this was taken last fall.  I am still not completely unpacked with fabric boxes yet, I confess I ran out of room in the sewing room.  I had to put my Accuquilt Studio in the spare bedroom and along with it the pile of scraps to be cut up.

Bobbin runs out

Time to get Christmas in the totes and off to the storage unit, I was hoping my phone had backed up photos to my computer by now to share the quilts I made to give at Christmas but not yet! So I am saving that for another day.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!









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