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Quilt Room Update!

I have way too many irons in the fire here-  we have been working on this room since moving in a year ago-  During this COVID stuff we were able to put in a new floor. It was carpet and really not very easy to navigate and replace it with this beautiful flooring.  Kay was finally able to get to Ikea for my Billy bookcases and I am slowly filling them with my fabrics.  They WILL be totally full within a few weeks. and I most likely will wonder where to put the rest of my fabrics!

Skyler did a WONDERFUL job installing the flooring!

20200619_085002He found these cracks and filled them
20200619_085002It's so gorgeous! I am so happy I let Kay talk me into the flooring! lol

I am waiting on an order from Amazon for comic book backing boards to wrap more fabric on. In the video you can see I have used 3 kinds of stuff:  chipboard (wasn't heavy enough for the Halloween fabric will have to redo) foam core board is wonderful but can be spendy, the corrugated plastic was spendy too and a pain to cut up and time-consuming mostly. I found archival-safe comic book boards on Amazon that are AFFORDABLE, so I am hoping they work because other websites I have searched say they will.  Will keep you posted!  This is just one of the reasons I  post once a week-  so many things happening here!

Anyhow here is a short update video I made this morning and posted to youtube so I can post it here-

There are still a lot of things to do including filling the shelves to put an island on rollers in the center of the room for my Accuquilt Studio cutter and its dies. I am thrilled with the progress!!!

Have a wonderful Day! hugs Gwen



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