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Where Have I Been? In the Yard!

Well,  here is part of the reason I haven't posted, it's been quite a long and tedious project!

Here are the first of three raised garden beds ready to fill and plant. We built the "tables" so we wouldn't have to bend over so much. The raised beds are fabric with a PVC frame and came from:

They were easy to assemble and we are really looking forward to seeing how they work overtime. The PVC fittings are ready to accept a trellis when we get around to it. or not, depending on what is growing in the boxes.
this has been quite a project~ started with removing half the rose bed and the dirt, adding the beautiful stone wall, leveling the dirt adding the 20-year landscape fabric, then the gravel and building the tables- sure will be glad next week to have them all up and filled and planted!

There will only be 3 of them, they are 3x6ft.  Each box holds about 1300 lbs of grow mix we will have to get a load at a time and fill each box next week-  My back is aching just thinking about it! lol


Here are my garden stakes-  I am a bit upset, I ordered 2 sets of the tiles off eBay and have only gotten 1- I filed a report both with eBay and with pay pal. I just want the tiles so I can finish my stakes!


Did you start a garden? Maybe even your first one or in containers?  I have several containers with veggies in them on the Patio- onions, spinach, romaine, potatoes, radishes (those have been yummy!!!), and a green bean teepee tower!  I will try to get photos of each next week as for now I was called back in to work on Tuesday - I am surprised the store is open mostly people are after art supplies and fabric to make masks or to just get "out".  We have to wear a mask (frankly they are a pain and really not effective) and people are not really following the 6ft social distancing very well.  This is quite a change for all of us (me included) I would like to just hide at home going out when needed and work on my own home and projects! lol  

It is not right to be scolded for not wearing a mask- that is a personal choice. Or have we been stripped of those as well?  And it's not right to yell and people out the window who are out or outside working.  And I don't think reporting businesses that are open is doing anyone any good either-  not all small businesses are getting any help financially-  and when we lose those small businesses we lose our economy.

I don't think being cranky is helpful to anyone!  and gloves are a total waste of time- and here is why



And, I started a new journal project I will be sharing next week too!  I am sorry I went missing but I knew my time off was limited and we tried to fit in as much as possible during my time off, Kay is still waiting to go back to work could be July now-

hope you are well, safe and making good use of your creative time!  We all wish for more time, and sometimes when we have it we don't know what to do with it! lol  




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