HOW Do they Create Those Kits?

Home From The Hospital

Thursday afternoon I started having chest pains-   

Here's the reader's digest version: after a ton of tests in the hospital yesterday it wasn't a heart attack but high blood pressure. I have 5 new prescriptions and time off to get used to them before going back to work.

I should have some time (depending on how I feel) to get some crafting done or at least going to share with all of you

I am feeling better than the last 2 days.  My arms look like pincushions and bruises from that silly blood pressure cuff-  argh! turned my hand blue in the emergency room .

 I am home resting and on the mend-  time to change my eating habits and more exercise.  Sigh!


hugs to all




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Sharie Wilson

Prayers you will be up and about soon and feeling like your old new self.. Take Care Gwen.

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