Peaceful Poinsetta


Hi everyone!

I am excited to share some updates with you (I bet you would never believe you would hear what's coming next)

We are settled for the most part in our new APARTMENT in Richland, WA.  Yep! An 1173 sq ft apartment 2 bed 2 bath and gourmet kitchen for the next 6 months to give us time to figure out what is going to happen next! And to let the kids have their house back.

And, to top it off, I like it!  We will need a bit more room when we finally have a house again because of all my craft stuff lol,  but this is nice and we have a view that includes the Columbia River temple just down the street about 3/4 of a mile. And I think we are being (we meaning me) that we CAN live in a smaller home! lololol  We have a balcony patio too!  The grill looks great out there. oh and let me brag about my SMOKING FAST INTERNET!!!!  He was here hooking it all up this morning- and WOWZA I am in love with fast internet! lol

Bragging....  We are 4 min from Costco, the movie theatre, 6 min to Joanns, 8 min to box craft stores and eating places and 4 min to the new Deseret bookstore!!! The Albertsons is 2 min away and if we want Walmart its 8 min away and it's only 30 minutes back to Oregon to Katie and Duane's house.  

20181018_115058guess I needed to turn the light on- this is my new craft room and it has a large closet where most of my supplies will be stored as we plan to set up 2 sewing machines in here too-
20181018_115058below is the view from the patio
20181018_115058I will share more photos when we are "all settled" and boxes are gone and things are in their places- hopefully in a couple weeks! We sold our furniture before moving so we have just the one chair in the living room right now. Next week we will be couch shopping. I keep reminding Kay that this is OUR place and we are going to do for just us and the kids can make do when they come! lol  Right now I have a u haul box full of books as my nightstand by the bed until we can locate my red one in the storage unit! lol   

I am waiting for my order from Stamp n Storage so I can get my crafting area set up and a box from Amazon with my new desk.   "I" decided not to plug up the extra bedroom with a bed so we bought a blow-up mattress for when the kids/grandkids come to visit on weekends. My sons and daughter are already helping me plan a Turkey day at our house. We have a few pieces and boxes from the storage unit left to bring and will have strong sons to help this Sunday!  

Tomorrow is the start of a VERY busy weekend-   decorating in the Bennet Botanical Gardens in Hermiston Oregon  for the wedding of Katie and Duane and then rehearsal dinner Friday night, hair do's and the wedding on Saturday, breakfast with Kay's brother and sis in law (2 of my VERY favorite people) on Sunday and then the moving of stuff from one unit to the new one (sorted this time ) and moving our hutch, dining table and a few boxes here to the apartment.

We are so excited to see friends, family, grandkids this weekend!!!!!!!  And then Monday and Tuesday I am going to crash- big time!  My ulcer has been acting up and I will need to get that seen to soon. A Priesthood blessing last night has made all the difference today for me! I just need to get through to Tuesday and then I can deal with all of it.

I have a great post with some awesome Christmas ideas ready for tomorrows post and then I will be back more regular now!  And for that,  I am VERY excited!!

I hope that you are all enjoying this gorgeous fall and I would love to hear from you in the comments about your projects that you are working on! Please share your inspiration with me!!!!

I have almost all my Christmas cards done and I am going to be starting classes after the first of November. I already have people asking for Christmas card Classes!  I love teaching 1 on 1 class,  and that is what I will be holding for a while.

Well, my friends, I am off to put snaps on the ring bearer shirt we made, iron it and the flower girl dress ready for Saturday.

Busy busy busy but this is happy business and yes, a bit stressful too!  

I want to share that I know Heavenly Father had his hand in our apartment-  the info for it just popped up while I was looking in Google for something else-  I called on Tuesday last week, viewed on Wed,  applied on Thursday, signed papers on Friday and moved in on Saturday evening. We have been so blessed in both moves with church members helping us at every load, and unload. I am so blessed to belong to a service church who teaches us to serve as Jesus would serve.

We will miss our new friends from the Umatilla ward a lot,  just as we miss our friends in Missouri, and are excited to meet new friends in our new Meadow Springs ward! And, since I grew up 45 min northwest of here, it is good to be home. It all just "feels right"

Kay loves his job driving motor coach. And now he is 17 min from work instead of 50.   He is on his way home from Boise bringing troops back,  then a short run and he should be home about 3 to get a haircut before the wedding= think I will go with him and get a light trim. And then a manicure!  


When you are in the area I would love to see you!!!




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