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Making Paper Flowers

Confession:  I love paper!  I bet you never knew that about me- lololol   well, while putting things together for Katie's bridal shower I have fallen in love with giant, large, medium, small paper flowers. I have also found a kindred spirit in our ward (church congretation) that loves paper and making paper things as much as I do!!!!!  Happy dancing going on!

We spent Monday and Tuesday creating these beautiful flowers, laughing, plotting, planning and dreaming of large craft rooms together.

They are not hard to make but they are not especially easy either. Each one has it's own tricks and can be either exasperating or a lot of fun and most of the time a combination of both!  I have also fallen for coffee filter flowers.  I swiped a dozen of Duane's filters (my soon to be son in law)   and gave it a try today.  I will be off buying some so that Sheri and I can make them too for the shower!



 Paper flowers are a lot of fun to create- and a LOT of work!  The coffee filter flowers (last photo) are the easiest but the dying and drying is the hardest part! lol

Some of the flowers in the photo were hand cut and others were cut using my Silhouette cameo.  We aren't finished yet (about another 1o days)  and when I get the decorations up I will be sure to post photos of the bridal shower- date is Sept 22- (my moms birthday)


My personal FB post today reads as follows

at times others will comment on all the work I do when hosting something- the above statement from a blog seemed appropriate to share- I feel that people don't do "details" anymore or just throw things together. It's not in my nature to do that.
I have been called an "over achiever" by family and friends and my comment is- THANK YOU!




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