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Yahoo I am Online Again!

Hello Friends!

It is so good to be back online!  We are moved to Umatilla, Oregon now and living with our daughter until we find a home.   They are WAY more expensive here than in Missouri that is for sure! wow!

I have a brand new  lap top, I have never had a "brand new" computer of any kind in 25 years!  This is exciting and I will be back to sharing projects, life and all-  I have missed chatting with you!

This week we have been shopping for wedding dresses for my daughter, Another store this afternoon- Davids was yesterday.  Now that I have my new laptop we will begin working on her invitations and creating the stamped "tags" she wants for all kinds of different things for the wedding and reception.

Tomorrow we go to Boise (4 hours one way) for our youngest grandchilds birthday party and we are pretty excited to have that option now!

We attended our new church ward Sunday-  have already made some great friends and one lives about 4 houses down from us! She and I are a lot alike.  poor gal lololol 

ahh must go Katie has a friend here giving us free facials





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Judith Mckee

Glad you are safely moved. Hope you find your new nest soon. It will happen when the time is right.
Is it possible to still order from you since you are not in Missouri any longer?

Debby McGillivray

Here I thought you was moving to Washington. Shows you how much I know. Glad you all made it safe and sound. Our youngest son thinks it is cheaper in Oregon than in Minnesota and was thinking of moving out there. His wedding went real well not sure if you seen pictures or not. He married a super nice girl. While camping with our daughter in Duluth and going on site seeing, they called and informed us we had a new member in the family. They bought a puppy he is so cute, and well behaved.
Let us know when you find a place.
angel hugs

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