Life Throws some BIG Curveballs

The Move Is in Progress! UGH

Hi  all!

I have been absent as previously mentioned as we now have a contract on the house and "should"  close next week. I am frantically continuing to pack but we had  10 days not long ago that we had to take off to attend our Daughters Police Graduation!

yep, you wonder as they grow if they will really ever listen or really do good in their lives and Katie has made a wonderful choice and we are VERY proud of her accomplishment.

now we can just call her Rookie, no other name but that for now! l ololol

left to right a family photo includes my hubby Kay, DIL Sarah, Me, My son Morgan, Katie  and Morgans & Sarah's kids, Katie's little brother Wyatt, her Dad Tom, her sweetheart and Duane and my wonderful Brother Ed.

32239748_10156330817696798_8308730988502974464_nWe are packing the Penske truck as well as my pickup and a trailer (my plants!) for the first run this coming weekend, closing coming soon and then we are leaving Missouri (sniff sniff) for Oregon State to live with this amazing daughter till we get oriented.

This is purely a Faith in God move, he answered our prayers by telling us both at different times within 24 hours that this move is what we need. Over this last weekend with our Stake Conference, undeniable confirmation of this was given to me for my own sanity I am sure!

hugs to all

will be  back in a couple weeks with an update and a show and tell of my pre order (that i had shipped to Katies house and I haven't seen it yet)



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