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What Can I Say?

But,  HELLO!

I have been without my laptop (screen died but the computer works)and my desktop computer died too-   I am sorry I have been missing- let me catch you up 

As I mentioned in previous posts, we were prepping our  acreage and home to sell-  well  it's been on the market for well over a week. I get calls frequently from agents wanting to show it and I am off to the neighbors to chat while it's shown and then back home to continue to pack, nap or play computer games.  ALL of my stamping and sewing are packed, I cant play even if I want to -  yep  a stupid move packing my ink, stamps and papers but  it was necessary.  We are trying to get as much packed as possible (we are currently working on our food storage room until its packed ) so that when we do get a contract we can load up and hit the road.

I have as my Dad would call it- Jerry rigged my lap top to my desktop screen.  Its sorta working so I thought I better get a post made before you all think I died  or worse! lol

30_yr_landing_header22We at Stampin Up are celebrating our 30th Anniverary!!  The leader in the Rubber Stamp Home business industry!!

Check My Website for all the details- there will be news often so check back for all the details in  case I don't have access online again for a while-



Dont miss out on the Occasions Catalog items.  They are spectacular-  just look in the right column of this blog and click on the graphic for the 

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Well my friends, I have missed you  for sure.  I will try to work in some updates and what is happening at the company until we get the place sold and we get moved in with my Daughter Katie for a few months to look for work (hubby) and a home.  If you have been to my home you know how big it is and how much we have- we well have gotten rid of a LOT (donated to our boy scout troop for scout camp yardsale) and with the HUGE increase in price of homes in the west vs here where we are we will be downsizing and that includes a tiny garden-  how ever will I manage without my gardens? I am taking several plants with me!

Here is the link to our MLS listing- feel free to share on our social media- someone is looking for this property!

anyhow-  hugs to all





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