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Turn of Events

My Family

Hello Everyone!!

We were blessed with the gift of plane tickets to fly from Kansas City to Portland Oregon where my daughter Katie and her sweetheart Duane and my grandson Jack (their nephew) picked us up and took us back to their home in eastern Oregon for Christmas!  The very next day we went onto property in the blues owned by Duane's family and cut down a Christmas Tree. This was a family tradition that I haven't had since divorcing my kids Dad back in 2000.

Fun in the Snow!


Be sure to notice the dogs in the right of the photo- they were having a blast in the snow!



Sharing a few family photos-

The group!  Oh how I love these photos!!!
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My oldest Son Ray and his son Jack8622 Edit

Kay and I
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Jack , Madison, Garrett and Grammie
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these are my kids, we havent had a family photo since Katie was about 6 or 7
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My girls- Sarah my DIL- Me, Katie and Madison

I just call Sarah My Other Daughter- that is how much I love her!
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Morgan, Sarah, Maddy and Garrett
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This was the BEST Gift we could have gotten! I am truly blessed.

And last but not least-  The Grandpups-  Sophie (the corgi mini aussie mix)

and Sasha who is 7 and used to live with us before Katie took her to move away lol- She is 1/2 Aussie and 1/2 Border Collie- 

I adore these canines!


I pray your new year is amazing! Kay and I have a TON of changes coming and I will share that info in February. Right now we are doing some updates to the house and sorting, purging and throwing out.  ALL the magazines are going (well not all I am keeping quilting and my herb magazines only)

yes, the scrapbooking and cardmaking magazines that I love must go to make room-   when you hear sobbing it will be me! lolol

Hugs to all!



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This trip was so much fun.

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