This Sums Up My Summer

Making Fun

Hi everyone! It's great to see you today!

A few changes are occurring here in the Studio- mainly class scheduled days-   I will post classes only on my Stampin Up Website at THIS link

You may have to click to the next month to see what is coming up and when you have a class you want to take you MUST RSVP on the page that pops up. I will then contact you about pre payment for the class and prep your supplies in time.

Here are some photos of this weeks fun  This is Rose and her projects.........

And this is Sandy and her projects!


All our other gals were away on vacation but we had fun without them!

Class will now be on Thursdays as I am tending 2 boys ages 6 and 3 for a friend 3 days a week. They are good boys and we are having fun. 

Whatever pays the bills right?

And on the home canning front- these were processed last night- bread and butter pickles


and earlier in the week it was green beans and carrots and dilly beans. I decided to use the avery website to create fun labels for the lids of all my jars this year. That way there is NO arguing about what is inside or how old it is!  I have another set of 2 1/2" lables and 2"labels coming via amazon on Monday.


Its so hot this week, most of my plants are in wilt because I just can't keep it all watered enough. I did pick 2 gallons of blackberries this evening!

I am washing and freezing them on a cookie sheet them putting them in a food saver bag- that way they don't form a  clump in the sack!

I hope your weekend is going great and not as hot as ours!




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