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Cards for a Soldier Needed

A Young lady who is like a daughter to us and sister to our daughter is currently deployed to Afghanistan.

I am asking each of you to send her a card /letter/package to make her deployment for the next 18 months tolerable and let her know she is loved and appreciated.
 Sending for Christmas works too! Just let her know her Mama Gwen is behind it! So she doesn't drive herself crazy wondering! She has enough to worry about over there.

And this is her darling daughter left behind with family-  We can't begin to imagine the sacrifices our military families make.


"Welcome to Kuwait.. where the only time you want to be outside is at night.."


She's the one on the left in the photo

Again the one on the left

I know that anything you send will be greatly appreciated!!!! And more than once in the next year works too!

  Please contact me by EMAIL for her information  go to the top left side of this blog post and look for this icon- click

Thank you everyone!  We love our girl and hope you send her some thanks and happy smiles




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