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A Lovely Mother's Day Gift

My sweetheart made me this brick path under the arbor he made last year for me for Mother's day.

I am truly blessed.

Have you ever heard the term: Make hay while the sun shines?  Well that is what I am doing- except it is plant veggies and flowers while the sun shines and craft and clean house when it rains (tomorrow through the weekend).

I have my Stampin Up!  Pre order and the new catalogs (come by to get one) and I will be in that box when it begins to rain this week! Well, after I get the house cleaned, I have ignored it for the last 10 days because of the sunshine!

But for now, I have 11 flats of flowers I grew from seed in my greenhouse to get planted today and I am wondering where to put them?


I love repurposing old bricks that we get for free!  Now we are hunting for free pallets to create a garden patio so I can sit with the neighbor in the shade when it's hot and talk gardening!

Come over in June and check out the garden!!!  Hopefully by then the rain will subside and the garden won't have flooded like 2 years ago and I had to replant! Optimism is my life when it comes to gardening/farming/ranching.

I hope you are having a fabulous week !





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