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Hi everyone!

I am not lost, we have flooding in the back of our land but we are not "flooded". Our home is up in the side of a hill and it would take quilt a load of water to get to it. Thank goodness!  This photo was taken just past our driveway on the left- on the right is our neighbors and the water is over the road into our acreage running about 6"deep at 6pm last night. Before the night was over it was double but today it's a lot lower and not even over the road but still running strong.


Yesterday was our Genealogy Seminar that I have been spending so much time working toward.   Set up was Friday and we had a great time learning about family history, genealogy and making new friends all day yesterday. Today my knees, ankles and feet were swollen tho from those concrete floors.  A soak in the tub and good  old Ben Gay and  I hope to be right as rain tomorrow!  Now we have an exit meeting this week and then  4 months off before we meet again! Phew!

This week I "plan" to catch up on all things Stampin Up but today I want to share a few photos at this Facebook page link of our seminar and the Genealogical Display boards I created using Stampin Up Cardstock and my Silhouette.

I am going to have to do some garden rescue tomorrow as the 6 inches in just over 1 day of rain have really made a mess out there.  I did have a lot of the plants under plastic but with that much rain and thin plastic, its not always what I hope for! And I have a FULL greenhouse to get planted this week too- sigh


My Prayers today are for all who are suffering from the massive flooding here in Missouri and anywhere else it's happening. It's a mess. I am sure you have seen some of it on the news or FB posts.

Anyway, I wanted to say hello !~!!!!!







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