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NINE Quilt Tops!

Hubby Kay and I have spent the last 9 days putting together blocks my Mom sewed but never put into quilt tops due to her dementia and alzheimers.    From these blocks "so far"  we have put together 9 quilt tops in various sizes and we are not done yet! lol

I am not sure why I feel the "need" to do this but since I do. My sweet hubby is doing the sewing and I am organizing the projects.

In the mean time I work on unfinished card kits-  watch for that post coming this week!  woot~

here are some photos of the tops 

The first top is mine and I made it about 28 years ago and this last week it finally got the border! lol and then we realized we have one blind fish-  ugh!20170307_104415

thank goodness Mom had sewn these into 12" squares  but its gorgeous, I wish she had had enough of either the white or the pink for a border but it's not going to happen~ this is a twin sized top

This one is gorgeous in person.  Again, crib size and the top was already together I just added the border-  there is enough of the green for binding and in my Mom's traditional way will have just regular muslin for the backing.

These next 4 quilts are all of the same fabrics, I found all them sewn just not into tops- so 3 baby quilts and a twin- not bad Mom!20170307_104531

This 4 patch started with just 2 blocks sewn together. My hubby sewed them into 4 patches and then into this queen size top and I am debating on a border. One of the fabrics in the patches has enough yardage for a border and binding-

The funny part about these fabrics is that I see so MANY of the fabrics I sold in my quilt shop I had back in the mid 80's.

Most of the time I am enjoying working on the things Mom left behind and the rest of the time I am sad. Sad that I really didn't realize how bad she was getting, how many unfinished projects she had that I could have helped her with and just plain sad because I miss the Mom she wasn't able to be the last 15 years of her life- not the one I remember.  Alzheimers is a horrific disease.

Now to find someone to machine quilt them and put them away for her posterity,

hope your day is amazing and creative!






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