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Before I share last weeks cards with you, I want to show you why I am not posting daily lately so, Ranting first -

20170325_084212AND this is after I had already been online for "a few minutes"
20170325_084212Yep, internet problems STILL. (insert really cranky face)   3 years ago our rural dsl worked fine- of course not as fast as in town, but it WAS working- then they began construction of overpasses locally - fiber optic cables were cut at least 2-3 times and I am not sure how they repaired them but OUR service stinks now.  It gets worse each month-  it's to the point now that only 1 person in the house can be on a computer and God forbid Netflix is on because no one in the house  can get on the net!  AND ATT suggests that we "Downgrade" because supposidly it will be "faster"  hahahahahahahah  one tech did that to us and NOTHING would load, we made them put it back to the previous setting and of course we are charged full price for services we DO NOT GET!

Anyhow  I have limited my posts to just about 3 a week until this problem is resolved by ATT.  Because of our Rural Nature, we cannot get any other provider- no thanks to satellite- if there is a storm no one gets anything (why we cancelled dish 9 years ago)  at least with a land line to the house one of us gets "something" part of the time and I prefer not have to use my cell phone data plan "all the time"

Ok rant over- here are the technique cards we made this month at Card Class. I cased a couple cards from some SU friends to use them to teach these techniques to my customers.


This one is absolutely stunning in person, and will make great wedding cards! And that BEE~! I am in love with the BEE!

Tip: You can create this card in the wedding colors to make it special for the couple.

 I have also been working in the gardens. This morning I took 4 ibuprophen to help with my aches, pains and stiffness! lol

Whomever stated that growing old was not for sissies was RIGHT!  UGH -lol   We are adding a raspberry bed this year- FALL GOLD  my absolute favorite type.  So sweet and delish! We are just taking one of the beds we already have and putting them in there instead of constructing a whole new bed. (My idea)  I really dont want new projects this year, I want to finish up the ones we already started! lol

Have a creative day everyone!

Hugs, Gwen


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