What Makes it Convenient????
Ice Photo Update

And Here It Comes...

This could not me more true this weekend!!!!

Our internet is acting up thanks to all the wind which leads me to ask why underground cables are affected?  But every time it rains or the wind blows hard like it has been we either lose or have intermittent internet and yes, we have dsl-  ugh    but, I love my country home so I am "dealing with it" as AT&T told us we have to.  I just wonder why in the last 2 years it has gotten so bad-  I don't think whomever repaired the cut fiber optic lines did a very good job!

Ice storm 2017We have plenty of foods, water, and back up heat/electricity if we need it. We made a run for fresh fruits and romaine lettuce earlier today and if people wait till evening to shop there may not be much of a selection.

Please stay home if there is bad weather where you are too.   I am going to the studio to cut out skirts, pants and work on quilts for the weekend.

See you on Monday!!!




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