Cute Quick Idea

To Stinkin Cute!

I for one love, love, love social media-  because  the only way I get photos of the grandkids is through social media/fb/texting/email.

This came tonight of our grandsons  Garrett on the left and Clyde on the right-  this was just too adorable to not share!!

In reality-  Garrett is my middle son Morgan's boy and Clyde is my hubby Kay's daughter Jodie's boy they are about the same age with Garrett a little older. I am so blessed that my 3 kids and his youngest 3 kids get along so well that they will spend holidays together and their kids can be pals!!!

Grammie is adoring her boys and getting pretty excited to see them soon!

Garrett amd cyde  thanksgiving 2016

I am excited to see more photos "Show up" by text or on FB in the next few days!!!  And I have no idea just exactly what they are watching either!

have a Fabulous Thanksgiving everyone

Back on Friday, we are spending turkey day with our friends Kris and Sandy  ( I am making the pies!)





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