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A Message From Cindy

We Survived Hurricane Matthew!

Yes, you read correctly!  We were in Orlando during the Hurricane for my husbands business convention.  On Thursday (first day at the convention)

they announced at 2 that we would be cutting it short to 5 and then another hour later they announced we would be leaving by 5 as the governor was closing the roads at 6 and people would be arrested if they were on them.  So we went back to the time share where we were staying and hunkered down expecting horrific winds and rain.

Let the winds begin, Gwen is ready!


During the night we heard rain but it sounded like normal Florida downpours and when we awoke we expected quite the mess-

and this is what we saw:

RebuildWhile I joke about our personal experience with the Hurricane, I want those who were not so fortunate to know we prayed for your safety and we pray that you will be able to get back to life right away. Our thoughts and love are with you.

During convention we had a blast, meeting new friends, seeing old friends and learning so many wonderful things about Kay's business.

20161006_115354We have had many many travels this fall because of his business, I am glad to be home for a while and focus on my Stampin Up projects for our November meeting in Kansas City!

We are well, we are fat and sassy and I am tired! lol   

hope you are doing fabulous and crafting away every moment you can!





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