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Fall Puked

That's right, it looks like fall just upchucked in my living room ( a loving term coined by my kids and niece).

Usually by the first week of September this is all done, and life is back to ususal (we don't have normal here lol)  but since we were gone for 3 weeks on my husbands business,  I have procrastinated long enough!  It's time to set fall in order and get ready for my fall classes both upstairs and downstairs!

Today I am asking the heavens above for creative thinking, creative juices and tons of MOJO this week, because as soon as this mess is organized, I am spending my days and nights creating for the upcoming OnStage/12 projects, and for my Christmas Card Buffet class plus other classes coming up.

Fall 1
Fall 1The greens are always take the longest to put up, then the 5 boxes full of "goodies" go pretty quickly after that.  I love my decorations and the compliments afterwards, but this year for some reason its like pulling teeth from a hog to get them up and finished!  (interruptions are a pain)

Missing my daughter and all her help- hate living so far apart but....... Until God tells us otherwise, here is where we will stay (and besides, we love it here despite my complaining about the bugs and squirrels! lol)

I hope you are having a creative day and that blessings and abundant in your life!

My Husband was blessed to baptize a dear friend Cindy on Saturday.  I met her through my Stampin Up Business 8 years ago and I was blessed to give her baptism talk.  You see her in a lot of my club photos - lol





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