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I am about to humiliate myself beyond belief in selfies in public but it's because I want to show all of you the difference! As I have stated I have/had Rosacea- several over the counter items later I have learned that Protandim NRF2 and True Science facial care have gotten rid of it on my face. Here are 2 photos, 1 before I began using it 4 months ago and today before Makeup sigh.  Now, remember please that the dark circles are the bain of my existence and I have had them all my life and I cannot get rid of them. BUT, the True Science has minimized them a lot!
This is one of the reasons my husband decided to make this a business. Also, I cannot believe the difference in my attitude, energy level and general health (no more sore knees and joints)

Frankly I am so excited to have the red pus like Rosacea pockets (not acne) on my face are GONE,  that I just want to jump up and down and tell everyone what worked for me!!

I hope that you will check out the website -  I am very glad my friend Patty shared these products with me! I will never stop using them!

In THIS FORBES article it states that LifeVantage is the #5 company in the USA  and #1 in Utah.  Read about that here- it is also publicly traded and is on the NASDAQ!  The Dr that discovered DNA is also one of the creators of this product-  how can you go wrong with that!

I am not quitting Stampin Up! ever.  But, I am promoting my husbands new line of work and hope that you will support him.  Now to focus on using Lifevantage Physiq for weight loss! 

For more information here is our business card- contact Kay (hubby) 9-7pm central time Monday through Saturday!

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