He Made It!

Canning Season Began

Between Canning, Gardening and a sick husband I didnt post much last week so I am going to try to catch up. Someone in weeding I got into some Poison oak or ivy- I have no idea but I know the 1 place on my left arm and the 4 on my inside right elbow are making me nuts itching and swollen red spots.  We have steroid cream from last summer left over that I am using but I think today benadryl is in order for the itching!

Here are some photos of a few of last weeks projects while it was raining outside like crazy!

This batch of beets is just that, beets. I have enough pickled beets and I love canned beets so that is how the rest of the crop will be processed  for winter eating.  Beets MUST BE PRESSURE CANNED


Here are my pickling cucs soaking in lime water to make them crisp before canning-  I made dill and kosher dill using the Mrs Wages mixes found in the canning section of any store.
BeetsPickles are water bath canned

And here is our first picking of beets.  Bless Jessica for picking them while I worked in the garden!  Now we have to tip and snap them to pressure can with some onion and salt in the jars too.  NUMMY

Earlier in the week we took a meal and dessert to a family who's daughter was in ICU.   You have seen my posts about meals in a jar well here are brownies in a jar. It sure made it easy to get this meal ready for the family and their boys love me for the brownies!


With my husband still unemployed, we are "putting up" all the garden produce we can.

I hope you are doing well, and that your garden is growing without any weeds!




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