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Newbie Stamper Fun

One of may favorite parts of being a Stampin Up Demonstrator is to teach people how EASY it is to stamp!

They start out hesitant, scared and thinking it takes a lot of effort to stamp and I teach them otherwise!

Here is a sweetheart of a gal who happens to be living with us with until their home is signed for-  Colton was a missionary here 4 years ago and became family, Jessica is our new daughter and she mentioned she needed to get more Thank you cards to mail out and I suggested she stamp them.  Well, it was easier than she thought and she made ALL these cards !!!

20160615_132230 20160615_132234
20160615_132234She is a wonderful person and I am enjoying the time while they are here. I do know how anxious they are for the signing of papers for their new home.

And like all my other newbies she is hooked on Stampin Up!  Yes, I admit it, I am enabler! lol

I have finally figured out how to get my photos from my new phone to my desktop so I can get caught up posting about all that has been going on!  I have to admit, it was a lot easier when I could use my digital camera and just plug it into the computer and it loaded them into a file, but alas they stopped making batteries for it and now I rely on my cell phone or tablet-  sigh

Have a wonderful creative day everyone!  The Elder's quorum are here cutting down dead trees for us.

We are still unsure what the future holds as far as a job for my hubby.  I just pray we can stay here.





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