Bark, Bark, Bark

We Be Jammin

Monday I spent the day Jammin-  yep here are a few photos

25 pounds of strawberries from the berry farm up the road and last week it was 25 pounds and I froze them all with the help of my daughter, her boyfriend and my hubby! But here is my Monday project!

Jam berries

 Made into the best tasting strawberry jam I have ever made!  I only use Sure Jel for my jams and jellies.


I don't waterbath my jams or jellies. My first mother in law taught me 35 years ago the method of after putting the hot jam or jelly in the jar, adding a hot lid and tight ring to immediately turn them over as in the photo for about 15-20 minutes and then turn them back upright to cool and listen to the ping, ping of the lids! Works like a charm, I have NEVER had one not seal or go bad, but you CANNOT use that method for any other canning projects- ever as it will NOT work!

Jam2The table is full of jars- this is minus about 4 batches when I took the photo.  

The hardest part of any kind of canning is preparing the fruit or veggies. I have had toast and jam daily this week and confess that I have eaten a few spoonfuls of just the jam! lol

Have a great day everyone! I would love to hear from you what you are working on this week!





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