We Be Jammin
Countdown to the New Catalog!


Today I have been prepping my studio for card club beginning this Wednesday and when I brought my pre-order box down and opened it, ALL 5 of my new incolor ink pads and 2 of the re-inkers are NOT in the box. I have searched everywhere I can think of upstairs and nothing.  

I KNOW they came as I remember looking at everyone and wanting to open them but waiting until I took the box downstairs and I am sure I put them back in the order box with all the other pre order items.

So, needless to say...  I have a headache and want to cry my eyes out.

 I hope you are having a better day than I am!

On the good side,  we have rain- not torrential pouring but real rain to water in all my grass seed and the plants I grew in the greenhouse and planted outside the last few days.

I will let you all know how the inkscapade turns out-  sigh




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