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Bark, Bark, Bark

First of all, I received my Stampin Up pre order from the brand new 2016-2017 catalog just a few minutes ago and I haven't even opened the box-  GASP! I also have a box of catalogs for my card club ladies for next week.

You are probably shaking your head and asking WHY I am not into the boxes yet, well that leads me to the title of this post

BARK, mulch whatever you call it,  I have 10 yards to spread and its hot and muggy outside!~  I think since it came yesterday that I have spread about 2.5 yards of it without a wheel barrow-  yes, my good old red had to be "retired" earlier this week much to my sadness. She has been a wonderful wheelbarrow for the last 35 years and it will be hard to find a replacement as good a quality as she has been!  Yes , SHE-  we have been pals and gardened daily for 35 years ~!  So, I have been using a blue rubbermaid tub and sams club laundry bucket on top of my green flat bed cart to haul the bark/cedar mulch.  I found it much easier to scrape the bark into them by hand than to shovel and kill my back! I started out with my aluminum scoop shovel yesterday and filled one HUGE bed and after that my back said- nope no more of that so I had the brilliant idea to use the tub and bucket! lol  



Card Club begins on May 18th- 10 am, but I HAVE to know how many are coming so I can prep supplies!!

We will have a hostess each month to earn hostess benefits. Everyone coming will place a $20.00 minimum order before shipping and tax and make 1 or 2 cards.  

I will be using some items from the 2016-17 catalog and the Spring catalog that ends soon for the projects. 

Just a reminder-  I no longer have the  email address

Please leave me your message in the comments section and I will do my best to reply!

I didn't post last week as my daughter Katie came to spend it with me for my birthday and early Mother's day surprise!

Katie meAnd the fur baby is my grandpup Sophie- of course I call her Princess Sophie-  she is half corgi and half mini aussie and she is a hoot!

Katie sophie living room

Katie is selling Younique products- click HERE to see her website-  I am using them and absolutely love them!


Check back tomorrow to see what my Monday project was!




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