I'm Back! Sheesh
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Hi everyone

Just a note to let you know that using my sbcglobal email address will no longer work- since getting the crash and changing to this different computer, I cannot access my sbc account anymore, it tells me I have the wrong password-  so to email me ... just click the email logo to the left <<<<<<<<   (in the left column)

We had a great rain in the afternoon and during the night and I see the plants are very happy this morning. I have all the windows open for now and the fresh air is great!

We have some issues going on in the area involving our property and a crooked neighbor property owner, so I may not post until the weekend -  I promise to get back in the swing of things but trying to find/log in and update this new computer has taken me 3 days and I am still not finished. I still have "programs" to load.

my advice-  BACK UP your computer (it wont save programs) but it does save the files!    my most frustration is with My Digital Studio and all the files I have lost-

anyone out there want to share files with me?  the MDS program was discontinued a year ago so sharing would not be against the rules!  I would be happy to share back!   Just use drop box!!!

anyhow  Hello everyone! Its a gorgeous day (feels more like summer than spring)  and the calm day between more storms coming.  My thoughts and prayers are with all who were in tornados (nothing in our area like that this time).




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