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It's That Time of Year!

So, as you have noticed- I have not been doing much paper crafting lately.  It seems that every time I plan to spend a day "creating" something or someone else changes my plans.  I thought when the kids moved out that would end-  nope.

I do have a confession-  my FIRST love is gardening, my second is sewing/quilting and then all things paper.  And as you know from my other posts many other things too!~ lol

The weather this week WAS really nice up until last night. Here are March Garden Photos. Today it is 40 outside and I am inside doing various things (like laundry and dishes) that have been set aside so I could be outside.   This cold weather probably came at just the right time for my poor very sore muscles to have a break! lol

This bed will be totally changed this spring. The tree on the left is coming out and will be stumped out (its dying) and the roots from it have caused the brick that was here when we moved here to become a mess- I am also going to make it more of a REAL kidney shape than what it is and a little bit larger.   I want to put a pink dogwood in the place of that tree, just need to talk Hubby into it! lol  But the daffodils are gorgeous this week all over the acreage!  Spread, spread my little pretties-   ;o)


Planting in the greenhouse.  The poor greenhouse came up with a HUGE rip in the plastic in the left of the photo. I paid a fortune for greenhouse repair tape from Amazon that WON'T stick.  I had to cut out that part of plastic and use a piece of other greenhouse plastic I had on hand and clamp it down to the frame to patch for this year.

But, I have many wonderful things planted!

All the raised beds are tilled and this bed had so many weeds like that hen bit junk and errant leaves- yes leaves after all that work last fall the oaks are still dropping leaves  Grrrr,   it took me 2 hours to clean it and 5 large buckets to the composter.  I think I may add black landscape fabric to the rest of it to keep the weeds down this year again.

Here are some of the raised beds-  the middle one and the VERY FAR one are planted with a spring manure crop from Johnny's Select Seeds to help build up the soil.  I try to do this to different beds each spring,  I REALLY need to do a fall manure crop in all of them but seem to always be to tired to worry about it.  I can say that I am very glad I spent so many hours last fall using the leaf blower and keeping things blown out as it has made getting the garden ready this year a delight instead of a chore.


The mix contains field peas, oats, and hairy vetch. Designed for spring sowing, but it may be sown anytime early spring through late summer. Sow 5 lb./1,000 sq.ft. (200 lb./acre) and cover lightly. For green manure, incorporate into the soil anytime your garden schedule suggests. Mid and late summer sowings may be left to winter over and the vetch allowed to regrow some in the spring.

Spring Green Manure Mix

And here is my wonderful Veggie Jail! We fight the deer, squirrels and bunnies here so much that we are now making what I call "jails" for each bed to keep what is inside protected, and so far it works!   They are NOT cheap to make this one is just under $150.00 thanks to the cost of all the supplies now days- sigh   I couldn't wait, so last weekend at the store I bought started plants- 2 kinds of lettuce, spinach , and Kay wanted Kohlrabi.  In the far left corner you can't see it well but there is a cute green trellis and I planted peas to grow up it.

12321358_10154009102716798_287211725861598846_nI did get a LOT of weeding done yesterday. the herb garden was a wreck and so was one of the hosta beds.  I have 3 more very large beds to deal with as soon as the weather gets warmer.  Yesterday I was outside in my T shirt sleeves and pants of course lol   and today I am huddling by the furnace vent!  Oh for the love of spring weather.  Last night we had quite the thunder and lightening storm and plenty of badly needed soaking rain.  Glad I planted and transplanted as much as I have in the last 2 days!!   Today is windy (a daily thing this year ugh) and overcast as well as really cold.  To bad I am not more productive in the house! lol I mainly have just crashed today.  Well waking up at 3:15 am due to the neighbor dog barking and barking and barking and then not able to go back to sleep, I am a bit pooped!

I hope that you are warm and having a wonderful day today too! Oh I am also getting a light tan on my arms!!!  

More updates on my life to come. I would love to hear in the comment section what you are up to!

ah and I am excited to mention 2 new Stampin Up recruits to my team and a new Thrive recruit too!  Life is so fun to share with friends!


Gwen the Gardener


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