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Canned Candy

You read correctly!

We have been canning candy  bought for 50% off after Valentines.  We will also be doing Easter candies in the next couple weeks but I am not waiting for a sale because I waited to the day after Valentines and it was all gone at Walmart but just a little at our local grocery store.

It's nice to have some chocolate stashed away in times of stress~!!!!

You will need a Food Saver with a jar lid attachment and hose


And then you can do this-  but remember if the candy has loose wrapper, poke several holes in the wrapper to get the air out so it lasts longer

but once you open the jar ( why I used small jars)  you have to eat all the candy- do not reseal!

Here is my trusty helper-  I just love that he likes to help me with my projects!


You can see that I have suckers (the jolly rancher ones) too- those I had to poke holes in the wrappers

The red candies in the front are cherry m&m's   hubby likes them but I think they are nasty tasting! lol

we also have some dove chocolate, jelly beans, truffles etc---

give it a try- I  have friends who have opened their candy after 2 years and it's still fresh and tasty!



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