You're So Lovely!

That's A Wrap!

So,  I think I am going to live after all! Wow, this cold was something else!

I have some fun news to share:  for years I have had fingernails that chip and crack no matter what I eat, take or do it has been really hard to have nice nails and I refuse to damage them any further with fake nails so....  I started using Jamberry Nail Wraps and I LOVE THEM!

I am not a "long nail" person but I do like them to look nice-  I don't like polish because within 2 days they are worn on the tips or they got wrinkly during drying- ugh  time waster !

With the Jamberry Wraps I have nice looking nails for a couple weeks and then I am ready for a "new look".  The thing is,  I love them so MUCH that I signed up with the company,  No, I am not leaving Stampin Up (never ever) or any of the other things I love doing.  I wanted to share my news in case you want to try the wraps or join to save yourself some money on your wraps!

They are so easy to apply and adhere very well and keep my 2 specific nails from cracking and the others from chipping or tearing!  Since I work so much with Paper and Fabric, my  hands and nails are dry (not bad dry just dry)  and this is a great way for me to counteract the nail problem in a really really cute way!

You can check out my website HERE.

Right now I am wearing this adorable set:

  Hearts Aplenty IMAG4465
It's REALLY hard to take a photo of your own hands!  Anyhow I wanted to share the fun with you and ask that you consider buying your wraps from me - online ordering here and it ships directly to you within a day or 2.

I have a funny to share with you!  I got a  knock on my door and it was our postman-  He had my Jamberry box/kit in his hand and our mail and he said (holding it away from me)  "Is this box FULL of those nail wrap thingies?"  I laughed and said-  Well, that is my kit - why? and he told me his wife orders them and waited for me to open the kit box to get him a catalog  out for his wife~!   

On another note, I did get the 22  valentines for the grandkids finished and in the mail and forgot to get a Final photo!  ugh   tomorrow I will post the in progress photos I did think about taking- oops!

Today I am off to put back up all the "everyday" decor that comes down when Christmas goes up.  Would have had it done in January but that office cold hit Kay and as women we all know when men are sick NOTHING gets done at home for us or them, but I will have it done today! YAY  back to life as we know it.  I have some sewing to do-  more of the American girl doll clothes for our granddaughter and pj's for the hubby and a skirt for me.

Cleaning is in order as we have company coming for the week arriving Tomorrow (Wednesday)

hugs to all I hope your day is amazing and creative!




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