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You know me, always on the look out for a bargain- well I found one on the19th- a FB post for FREE BANANAS!

So, I had Kay pick up 3 boxes and gave one to my canning partner-  and from those 2 boxes I had I made, 

  • banana jam (using sure jel)
  • banana fruit roll ups
  • dried banana slices
  • frozen bananas enough in each bag for my banana bread recipe
  • and canned bananas pureed with lemon juice in them to add some acid for canning



I am not worried about the bit of brown color in the top of these jars because it won't make a bit of difference in the banana bread!  There is enough in the quart jar for one batch of bread (3 loaves).  All pureed and ready! Woo hoo!  Time saver!

I confess that it was really really hard to put those dried banana slices in the bags above because they are SO delicious!  But, I have a confession, there is no photo of the roll ups because I was in a hurry in the middle of the night and forgot to put spray on the trays before pouring in the banana puree-  hubby is STILL trying to get them loose-  ugh

hope you are lucky to get a box or 2 of free bananas too!





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