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American Girl Doll Clothing

Sigh, the office crud my loving hubby shared is finally gone from my body!  What an inconvenience that was~!  Thank goodness for nose spray, Thieves oil and oregano oil from youngliving!!

We have a wonderful granddaughter that just turned 8 and is being baptized. So I decided to make her some doll clothes for her 3 American Girl dolls.  The fabric store is full of patterns and also found several on Pinterest.  Since Kara has 3 dolls, I decided to make 3 pants, 3 skirts, 3 dresses and I was going to make 3 tutus but the tutus turned out to be more of a pain than the rest of the clothes, so she gets 1 tutu and they can share! lol  I found a kit for a sleeping bag and have now made 3 of them also

The clothes are a combination gift for her birthday and to celebrate her baptism.

Here are a few photos-

This is a Simplicity pattern you can buy at Joann's for 18" dolls


you can find this free skirt pattern just google American Girl Doll MOO skirt pattern

Again Google American Girl TUTU pattern

This is the sleeping bag kit I bought  (the center one)  and I made the 2 outside ones from the kit directions and fabric off my shelves-

They have cotton batting in them -

and some knit pants lolol  just like I wore when I was a girl-  elastic waste and all-  !

IMAG4543I am very excited to see her reaction~~




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