What To Do With It?


I am so very very excited to introduce you to our 22nd grandbaby

LeAnn Charity Bill    Born January 14, 2016   8lb 2 oz 22 inches long!

Mom Jodie and Daddy Trevor are so excited for her arrival as are Grammie and Papa~!




And it's also fun when cousins can get together for a photo! 

This is Lily with LeAnn- Lily's her hair is growing back!  YAY!!   She is not finished with her chemo or her other treatments, but as you can tell by her smile, she is doing pretty well.  As for LeAnn, I am not sure she knows what to think of her cousin!  hee hee

12507239_10207198187704396_2084208148244605330_nMany of you may not know that Kay and I were married just 12+ years ago, He has 6 kids and I have 3. Of those 9 kids only 3 grandkids are biologically mine, however,  the great part is that grandchildren don't really care and the stepgrandkids call me Grammie anyway!  YAHOO I love them all so much!

I had to share the exciting and fun news.  We do not know when we will be able to get to Idaho to spoil the grandkids, but it is in our plans!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



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