New Grandpup

Yep, you read right- I have a new Grandpup her name is Sophie - I call her Princess Sophie and she is Corgi and mini Aussie- and totally cute!


Here is my daughter's reasoning for the new pup:

"Mom, since Tank is gone and you are never getting another dog, I am getting a puppy for YOU and keeping it at my house."
My question is: is that cute and lame or just lame? I think it's a way to use me for an excuse for the pup! Either way I am in love with Princess Sophie and I get daily texts/photos or videos as they live in Oregon and she will be full grown before I see her (she won't be a lot bigger lol)
I have never in my life been without a pet. But, as someone who hates to find/beg and yes pay others to pet sit, this is the best option for now.
I will occasionally share photos of Princess Sophie as she "grows up" (I say with tongue in cheek) but I won't obsess or overwhelm! (well, not here anyway lol)
This week in the mornings I am tending a 2 yr. old for her mom as she begins a new job and tries to find childcare. Right now she is snoring on the couch lol, so I rushed and showered, dressed and will get my computer/business work done and then play when she is up.
Have a wonderful Monday everyone! This afternoon my plan is to cut and sew more doll clothes for birthday/baptism gift for our 8 yr. old granddaughter in California.
I have a flannel shirt and pj pants for hubby to cut and sew 2 skirts and pj pants for me plus doll clothes to get done this week. In my past life when I had more energy, I could have done it all in 1 day, but now it takes me a lot longer to accomplish the same things and frankly I am not thrilled it does! I like getting things done and moving on to the next project. Whoever coined the phrase- growing older is not for sissies, WAS RIGHT! UGH

On another note, I have tried Jamberry Nail Wraps and fallen in love. I will be buying the kit and signing up later this week. I have 2 nails that crack regularly and I cannot get my nails to grow out on those 2 fingers and I have 3 that chip. So far I am doing ok with the wraps and I feel this is the right thing to do. I don’t really "plan" to do parties and such but I won’t turn down any orders~!!! It is so much more economical to buy the $99.99 kit than it was when I added up the basics I wanted at 148.00! Not to mention i will get a discount on every order. (gifts for my daughters too! woot)
The wraps are enough for 2 applications- they last about 2 weeks per application and are not hard to put on. I used my Stampin Up heat embosser lol and then decided I really did need the Jamberry heat applicator when I burned a finger! Lol
Here is a photo of my left hand- I don't have fake nails and I don’t have long nails but with these wraps I am sure I can have longer than usual nails and not have to damage my nails with fake ones to get a better fun look- plus in 3 months I will be back out in the yard and garden and the wraps will sure help keep my nails in shape- polish is a pain for me as it chips and peels- these don't!   I have rarely had nice cuticles ( 3 times pregnant was it)  so I am hoping that by wearing the wraps and paying more attention to my nails/hands I won't have as many hangnails-  frankly I have called myself the hangnail queen all of my life!

Nails jan 2016

I really like the gold sparkle and I really can't feel the "ridges" on my nails now either-  I will have a website soon so stay tuned ! Oh and the WILL work on fake nails too!  I am almost tempted to get a press on set at Walgreens to use and see how I like having longer nails- just for something different.




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