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Not lost after all!

Happy New Year Friends!

I am not lost after all! The Christmas season is a busy one and I am finally seeing a tiny hole in the clouds of all the rain/flooding we have had. We even have a dusting of snow and 28 degrees this morning!!! 

Yesterday I began sorting all of my 12x12 papers into categories:  Christmas, Fall, Boy, Girl, MINE (lol)  Americana, etc.   I told my husband last night that I have "enough" paper, but that the should not expect me to stop adding more! He laughed and said he would never assume such a thing!  I am trying to get organized for project life, scrapbooking and sewing this winter and  I want it all ready NOW!  Roflol that won't happen,  it will take me the next 10 days- at least! lol

Hubby gave me an IOU for Christmas for a couple of shelves (and the 6th season of Downton Abbey)  so he is out in the cold garage with the electric heater working on one of those shelves that will go in my sewing room about a foot down from the ceiling and around 2 walls. It will hold baskets, tins and jars full of buttons a few fabric dolls I have made and whatever else sewing related items on it! (like the Chris Ledoux and George Strait photos I have)  He is making it out of pallets that look like old barn wood!  woot!  Photos to come when it's finished!

Today I am canning the left over turkey. I am tired of freezer burned meats and now that I no longer have a dog to feed scraps to, it's time to get my act together!

I took the carcass and put it in a pot AND a crock pot (it was that big) with veggies and let it simmer all day yesterday. Today I got out my quart wide mouth jars and added the left over turkey to each jar and now I will strain the pot to get out the bones, veggies etc and then pour the broth in each jar and pressure can at 10lb for 90minutes.

That will give me turkey broth base for soups this winter!  When I use it, I will just add some frozen or dried veggies and a tiny bit of water and heat and serve!

Tip: DO NOT add anymore sage or poultry seasoning to the carcass simmer process as it doesn't taste so great when pressure canned, add after you use the broth to make the soup.  ;o)


I hope that you are all doing well, have had a marvelous Christmas and were able to spend time with loved ones. We were blessed with 7 people to join us for Christmas dinner this year. (none were family but we love them like they are!)

When these jars are in the canner out in the garage (we use our camp stove)  I will let the boss keep an eye on them and get back downstairs to continue the sorting and organizing agony.  Since all the stuff happened with Mom and Ken, I just began piling and not putting away or anything and now I am paying for it!  Updates to follow!

have a wonderful week everyone and I will be back Jan 4th! 



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