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Currently,  I am trying to finish the sewing of our Roman costumes for the nativity party this Friday night. Kay's needs to be pressed and mine has to be cut and sewn and honestly I feel like organizing not sewing lol- but sew I must.

I hope you took advantage of all the wonderful online sales-  Stampin Up, Thrive, Vemma and Young living are my daily go-tos and favorite quality products.  I was able to earn a lot of freebies from them this last week!  Woot and thank you for your orders in support of our home business. You guys are the best!

After the costumes are done, I have a quilt to bind and the snowmen, gingerbread men and the 2 sets of Mr & Mrs Santas to finish as some of that list has to be mailed next week. 

Our weather is cold, but bearable-  southern Missouri weather is so unpredictable and can be below zero one day and 80 the next- it's no wonder so many are sick so much and allergies are huge here!  I confess, I miss the old traditional Washington state winters-  snow by end of November until February. But, that ended back in the early turn of this century.  Weather patterns are God's work and I do not for one moment believe in the theory of global warming!

I have all the house decorations up minus the tree- it will go up Saturday when Kay is home so he can help me with the entire process.  I posted about 25 photos of the decorations on my facebook page today if you want to see them.  I am amazed that I did it all in 36 hours instead of a week this time as we had company coming and It just had to be done that fast last week!

I pray you are healthy, and that the season of the birth of Jesus Christ brings you many blessings.

I will be posting more projects WITH photos tomorrow-

in the meantime- Keep Calm and Merry On!







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