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12x12 Paper Storage & More

Happy Almost New Year everyone!

I mentioned that I was sorting my papers and I wanted to give you a photo update!  The Papers are all sorted and put away and I STILL have empty trays! Woo hoo! I also made an inventory for my Stampin Up Cardstock.  I am really really sad they stopped making 12x12 cardstock- it's only available in in the In Colors, White and Black now.  How will I ever change to another company for wonderful cardstock- sigh   I guess Bazzill is my next go to for quality in solid cardstock.

I have several different holders as you can tell by the photo- the far right is on a table so it is easy to reach and is full of StampinUp 8 1/2 x 11 cardstocks only.   The Tallest 12x12 holder is all SU cardstocks as well and the one just to the right of it is all SU designer papers. The other to the left is a mixture of retired SU designer papers and papers I had to have and the other 2 are those adorable "pads" of 12x12 you can get at the craft store.  You can click on the photo to see it full size.

As for the rest of the room-   not organized yet! I am eating the elephant and taking one area at a time!


My wonderful Hubby Kay also helped me to clean up this "area" of my sewing room and move my Serger table over where my regular sewing machine used to be before I moved it into the downstairs family room in front of the TV! lol

2Someday I will have a better serger table  this one bounces if I go full speed, but I need a new dishwasher first! lol  My rooms are not "fancy" , many of the storage items were free or cheap and as long as I am happy that is all that matters! I would LOVE a coordinating and fancy set up, but I just keep thinking of all the "supplies" that money could buy instead!


The huge Thread holders were made by my Uncle Ken (dads brother who married my mom after dad died and became my step dad)  they are open and fold together and close with a clip.

He made the left one for Mom and the right for me and now that mom is gone I have enough thread for a bit of quilting and sewing!  Several of her threads are those gorgeous machine embroidery threads, now I have to get busy and learn to use her machine!

2I made the basket ladder when we moved here, I love it and it keeps them where I can find them.  The book case is full of Quilt books some from back in the mid 80's when I had a quilt shop and taught classes.   The areas I am not showing are of fabric and misc and still need more organizing and they would be to the right of the room in this photo.  The Shelves for my fabric are 18inches wide by 16 feet long and mostly full of fabric.   Once I get the quilts I have bound, then I am going to create more tops and some clothing and other projects I have been putting off.

I always find that at the end of a year and into January I NEED to get myself organized so I can mess it up again! lol

I hope you have a MARVELOUS and Creative New Year!!





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Thanks for the inspiration! I'm trying to get in my room to clean up too. It is a true disaster! I will do better. ;)

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