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Black Friday Deals

I am hosting a THRIVE Black Friday Party

to view the  sales starting early Friday morning, go to: 

(hubby is the consultant)


 I found out a couple hours ago one of our favorite sister Missionaries is bringing her boyfriend to meet us on Friday and other members of the church are coming here to see them-

I just took down all the fall and now will have to rush like nuts to get up as much Christmas as I can by Friday noon-   anyone want to come over to help and keep me sane!???  ok back to the cleaning and such

I have been sewing Santas and Mrs Santas : a set for me and one for Katie (shhh she doesn't know) I have also been making fabric gingerbread men like crazy- they are died in instant coffee and cinnamon water and they are adorable.


And Stella Awesome Came to see us and spent the night she even brought her parents! (yes that really IS her middle name!)  We are in love with Stella!


I have the quilts back from the longarm quilt lady  and one is bound to send out for a Gift- have one more to do to get it sent and I have Kay's Roman costume finished and my pattern arrived yesterday so I can make mine, they are for our Church Christmas party. I am sure there will be plenty of shephards there, , so I decided we would go as Roman's to liven things up a bit lol- So as you can see I have been really busy and it doesn't seem to stop anytime soon!

All is well I hope you are too!

have a great week everyone!!!   I will be back with photos of the decorating asap!






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