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Really Bad Horrible Day

Back in 1998, a litter of pups was born from our old cow dog Toby and a new dog Trixie-

Toby as full blood Border Collie complete with long black hair and perfect white collar, and Trixie was border collie, kelpy and mcnab- (short hair) and from this litter of fur bobs came a beautiful litter of pups.  I have had Tank now for 16 years but he would have been 17 years old next week, I had even planned a birthday hat for photos-  sigh

Today I saw him laying in the grass outside the bathroom window and I got my stuff and got in the car and backed out of the garage- NOT knowing that in the very FEW minutes it took me to get to the car he had layed down on the pad outside the garage.  So, I backed out and over him trapping him under the car. I was devastated so I called Kay home from work, called the neighbor to bring a jack and we jacked up the front of the car to get him out, but I had to take ahold of his front paws to pull him out  He is about a 65lb dog. He got up and walked a few feet and dropped in the backend-  his hip was broken.

Considering his age, his inability to hear and his cataracts, my kids and Kay and I decided to have him put down. 

My heart is broken. 

I knew he might not make it through the winter, but to have it this way is just to much for me today.

Tank oct20015

Here are a few older photos,  (other current photos were moved by the phone upload program to my computer and I cannot find them- argh!)

IM006390To the BEST friend a gal could ever have-  Tank, I love you and will miss you and I will see you again and we will be together forever-


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Cyndi Ferenz

Oh Gwen, I am so sorry for your loss and for it to end this way. I know it must be devastating for you. You will get thru it though. He was loved and he knew it. Our fur babies are family.


I believe our pets will be waiting for us at the Golden Gate. Sorry for your loss

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